Murder Most Medieval
by Jim Daab

Welcome to the coronation of King Ronald, Lord of the Ville. Prince Ronald will be escorted by his lovely wife, the Princess, and Her Majesty, the Queen, shall be accompanied by the Royal Tax Collector. Shecky, the Court Jester, is apt to provide some frivolity to the event!
So Lords and Ladies of the court, wash down your fowl with some ale. But be forewarned! There’s a foul wind blowing in the Ville tonight and not all will be saying "Long Live the King" or "Hail To The Chief!"
In spite of the lack of light in the "Dark Ages," this show proves that life was fun and frivolous as the common folk frolicked with the likes of royalty. This show has a bit of bawdy humor that makes it slightly nasty but ever so nice!

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