Marriage Can Be A Mystery
by Dan Marois

If you think there were mishaps at your own wedding, wait until you attend this one!  All of the perfectly planned items go crazy in this one of a kind wedding day.  Momma and Poppa are not happy with the problems that arise. The newly married couple have a checkered past that comes back to haunt them on this soon-to-be not so joyous day.  And wait until you see the family members that show up at the reception.  It will be a "reception" that no one is ready for.  Will the couple make it to their honeymoon or will things go awry before the "Chicken Dance" is even done.
Audience members enjoy all the fun, frolic, and craziness that takes place at a wedding. But watch might end up doing the dollar dance or you might have to fill in as the mother of the bride.  No matter what happens, you’ll soon realize that Marriage Can Be A Mystery!

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